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How to... tap into your own power. By Lydia Kimmerling

How energetic would you feel if you were being who you want to be and doing what you want to do? Imagine having unwavering inner strength because you're living your life for you.

The common trait that gets in the way of people accessing this infinite energy source is the need to please others even when it sucks the life out of them. Trying to please other people is exhausting because you're always second guessing what someone else thinks is right, instead of being true to yourself. All this thinking about what works for everyone else leaves you running on empty, which leads to feeling resentful and unhappy.

I'm going to explain how to charge yourself, and stay charged, so that you can be a force for good and take more positive action to create the life you desire.

Let's begin by exploring what I mean by 'power' because it has a negative meaning for many people. The negative way power is represented in the media can seem as though powerful people are controlling, overbearing, and manipulative. It can look as though people who gain incredible power live in a small world. We hear common expressions such as, 'It's lonely at the top', and this can cause people to fear their ability to be powerful and successful. But the power I am talking about is quite the opposite: it's all about connection.

My clients sometimes resist talking about connecting to their power. Surprisingly, people fear their own power because powerful people are not always liked, which is at the root of the fear of being judged.

What if everyone doesn't like and approve of you? We all seek love, so the fear of being judged is common, which is why we may do all we can to avoid being seen as 'too big for our boots' or 'too much of a know it all'. Staying small feels safe but fighting to stay safe means that you must hide from danger, which can be exhausting.

Could you be letting your fear of being judged rule your life? If so, it means you are giving your power away to others, and people pleasing, just to ensure your safety. But you probably already realise it doesn't even feel safe!

You are extremely powerful and have the resources within to experience life in a more powerful way, but first you must learn not to be afraid of your own power. Your power is not about controlling others but is about energy. Power and energy go hand in hand — and just like you charge your mobile phone by plugging it into an energy source, you possess the personal power to create the change you want in your life.

The energy I am referring to is not the energy you need when you go for a run — you can eat an energy bar to charge on that type of energy. The energy we're talking about here is, in fact, the essence of you. Think about it, if your home wasn't connected to an energy source, when you look out the window, you might see the flicker of light in someone else's house, but it would be dark in yours. When your home is connected to its own source of power, you only have to flick a switch for the lights to come on, and it's the same for you.

You don't need to wait for someone else to light you up. The feeling of something being missing is the seeking outside of yourself for energy and when you plug into someone else's power source, you give your power away.

To power up and super charge your energy today, look at where you are seeking validation and approval from others to feel worth, happy, fulfilled, successful and so on.


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