The energies of online yoga training

You are an abundance of energy; it flows within and around you and it makes you unique. So how do you get the most from your online training? By Kelsey Taylor

Online courses allow you to study with teachers from all corners of the world; you can study across time zones, cycles, and seasons. Training is scheduled by the teacher, so unless the course is 100% self-paced learning, you will be working against your own natural energies in some manner.

This shouldn’t be a stumbling block as you do this in all aspects of your life. Taking time to become ‘aware’ of what energies are within and around you and learning how you can work with these fluctuations, will allow you to get the most from your training.

Yin Versus Yang Energies

Creating a balance of yin and yang energies will allow you to gain the best experience and absorb more from your course.

Yang energies are active, they stimulate, motivate, and help us to get things done. When you study, you want
the content of the course and the teacher to be the source of the yang energy to help you learn. You should aim to remove excessive yang energies that can create anxiety, overwhelm, or fatigue. Online learning supports this as it removes additional stresses such as travel, which is yang in its nature, so rather than exhausting your energy on unnecessary activities, you can invest that energy elsewhere.

Yin energies are passive, they nurture and allow us to be calm and open. When you study online, you can create an environment which is familiar, comfortable, and organised to help you to achieve this. Small choices such as preparing a nourishing lunch before the start of your day’s training can make break times relaxing. If you feel anxious, you can calm fluctuating energies by taking a few moments to be mindful before logging on.

Being relaxed, attentive, and ready to learn, allows you to listen, absorb and process your experiences and new knowledge more easily.

Young woman practicing lotus asana in yoga studio. Padmasana pose

How To Use Yin & Yang Energies Within The Cycles Of Nature

We live in a cyclical world where yin and yang energies fluctuate to create balance and life. These energies can affect your online studies in different ways, so take a few moments to plan how to work with them.

Circadian Rhythms

You experience the effects of day and night via your circadian rhythm. If you are studying across time zones, be prepared to experience different energies. The teacher may have planned an invigorating yang practice at 10:00 in their time zone, but for you, it’s 20:00 and your energy is yin. How do you make this work?

You want to retain your energy to stay focused. Choose to take lighter options as you move through the practice, pause when you need to, is there an option to take notes or re-watch the practice if the training is being recorded? Find ways to support your natural rhythms.

Moon, Menstrual & Seasonal Cycles

If your online learning runs over a period of weeks or months, you will feel internal and external shifts in energy. Whilst live training dates are fixed, being aware of where you are within a moon, a menstrual or seasonal cycle can allow you to keep yourself and your energies in balance.

New Moon/Menstruation & Winter – Yin Peaks

Honour the low energy by pausing and doing less. What might you delay actioning? Can you read course material rather than work on an assignment? Take lighter variations during practices. Nourish yourself with good food choices and get to sleep earlier.

Waxing Moon/Follicular Phase & Spring - Yang Energy Is Increasing

Energy starts to increase here; you feel more motivated and creative. Plan to do more and take stronger options in practice. Is there something new you want to try? Now’s the time.

Waxing Moon/Follicular Phase & Spring - Yang Energy Is Increasing

Energy starts to increase here; you feel more motivated and creative. Plan to do more and take stronger options in practice. Is there something new you want to try? Now’s the time.

Full Moon/Ovulation & Summer - Yang Peaks

Yang is our ‘doing’ energy, so get those large tasks and assignments done. We naturally feel more confident and sociable, so it’s a great time for group work. This is the time for your strongest practice. Caution: don’t do too much as you can still burn out!

Waning Moon/Luteal Phase & Autumn - Yin Energy Is Increasing

This is a time to reflect on our studies so far and draw inwards. Be aware this energy can create self-doubt so look for the positives even if something has not yet worked out. Slow things down a little, choose light variations in practice and plan how to work with the next surge of energy. Taking a little time to plan your approach to the energies of your next course may make all the difference.

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