laws of metaphysical immunity

The 5 magic laws of metaphysical immunity

Unifying body, mind and soul for more powerful metaphysical immunity. By Neil Patel of Chi Kri Yoga

Your immune system is not biological. It is not even psychological. It is emotional and spiritual.

By following the five laws listed below, I believe you can improve your immune system.

I know this may seem on the edge, but it’s genuinely how I feel and what I teach as the creator of Chi Kri Yoga.

The basis is obviously not scientific; it is spiritual, intuitive, and based on me using this to fight my own battle with cancer to this day.

Remember these five laws for metaphysical immunity:

Law 1: Passion

Love and be extremely passionate about at least two activities, things or areas of your life (e.g. football, dance, god, art, music, walking etc).

Law 2: Purpose

Visualise and feel your direction and purpose in life, with absolute clarity. And make detailed, organised and graphic plans about this, where possible.

Law 3: Battle

Fight to defend and protect your views. If you are absolutely sure your views are wholesome and correct, then stand up for yourself.

Law 4: Win

Never admit defeat, in your own mind, about anything.

Always aim to win. But remember, wisdom, lessons, experience and following a spiritual law are all ways to win too.

Law 5: Sacrifice

Feel that you care so much for some principle, thing, or being, so deeply, that you would do, or sacrifice anything, to defend or protect it (or them).

Bonus Boost (Law 6!) Yoga /Union

The secret ingredient to immunity is unifying with your mission and purpose with your soul, thus making it happy.

When your soul is fully engaged in your life, it will slide into your being like a hand in glove. And when your soul fits perfectly into all the fingers (corners) of your life, your body has supernatural power!

If you follow the above principles of immunity, I believe that your immune system will better serve you.*

*Note that this is not in place of whatever else you do for your biological immunity, whatever your healthcare professionals have told you or what any other person or organisation tells you. That’s the great thing about any genuine natural law – it can work alongside anything!

If you have any doubts, questions or concerns, you can always contact me at or speak directly to your chosen healthcare professional.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel comes from a long family linage of yogis. He has run Chi Kri Yoga in London for the last 31 years.