The 4 Pillars of Success

Achieving Success Through Positive Thinking, Empowering Language, Manifesting, and Gratitude - Nikita Thakrar

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Beside my expertise in Yoga, I am also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) life coach. Recently, I had the honor of being shortlisted for the 'Favourite Yoga teacher' and 'Favourite Yoga studio' categories at the OM Awards. This recognition has prompted me to reflect on my journey and the factors that have contributed to my success. Today, I am delighted to share with you the four pillars that have empowered me to achieve my goals and dreams.

  1. Positive Mindset - The cornerstone of my success lies in cultivating a positive mindset. As the adage goes, our thoughts shape our reality. By focusing on the positive aspects of every situation, we can shift our perspective and open ourselves to a world of possibilities.

Here are some practical tips to incorporate positive thinking into your daily life:

  • Practice Mindfulness: Engage fully in the present moment without being entangled in distracting thoughts or emotions. Connecting with your breath can bring clarity and wisdom, enabling you to make choices that foster your well-being. Embrace mindfulness through activities like meditation, yoga, or simply being attentive to your senses and surroundings.
  • Monitor Your Thoughts: Develop self-awareness by observing your thoughts as if you were an impartial observer. This allows you to recognize patterns in your thinking, including negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or cognitive distortions.
  • Reframe Your Thoughts: Transform negative thoughts into positive ones by rephrasing them either to yourself or aloud. For instance, replace "I can't do this" with "I can learn how to do this," or shift from "This is too hard" to "This is challenging but rewarding." Embracing a positive internal dialogue empowers you to face challenges with optimism.
  1. Empowering Language - The language we use has a profound impact on our emotions and actions. Adopting positive and empowering language, both internally and in our interactions with others, empowers us to improve our mood, reduce stress, and develop resilience to cope with life's challenges.

Here are some actionable tips for using empowering language:

  • Embrace Affirmations: Utilize positive statements that describe your desired state or goal as if it were already true. Instead of saying "I hope I will finish this project on time," confidently affirm, "I am finishing this project on time." Affirmations reinforce a positive mindset and can attract favorable outcomes.
  • Choose Empowering Words: Opt for words that express your willingness to take action and control over your circumstances. Replace disempowering words like "can't," "should," and "must" with positive alternatives like "can," "choose," and "want." This shift in language can encourage a sense of autonomy and proactivity.
  • Embrace Possibility: Adopt words that convey openness and curiosity about exploring new opportunities. Instead of declaring something as "impossible," consider it "possible." A mindset of possibility can lead to innovation and growth.
  1. Manifesting - I attribute a significant portion of my success to the practice of manifesting. Manifesting involves aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desired outcomes. Once you have a clear vision of what you want, believe in its feasibility, and act as if you have already achieved it.
  2. Gratitude - Gratitude is a powerful tool that enhances well-being, productivity, and happiness. By appreciating what you already have, you shift your focus from scarcity to abundance, fostering a positive outlook on life.

Here's a simple gratitude practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Every day, alongside my Yoga and Meditation sessions, I maintain a gratitude journal. I write down three things that I am grateful for, allowing me to begin each day with a sense of abundance, optimism, and joy. I encourage you to adopt a similar practice and experience the transformative power of gratitude.

In conclusion, my journey to success has been guided by these four pillars: positive thinking, empowering language, manifesting, and gratitude. Embracing these principles has not only helped me achieve my goals but also allowed me to thrive in all aspects of life. I hope that these insights will inspire and support you in your own journey towards a fulfilling and successful life.

Nikita Thakrar

Nikita’s mission is to Educate and Empower people of all ages through Healing, Wellbeing and Personal Development.