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We look at some natural products which could help maintain your wellness when the body is under extra stress.



A common issue which can be aggravated by some treatments can often be an increased risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. Chemotherapy drugs can often aggravate the lining of the urinary tract which combined with a lowered immunity can trigger an infection. Available as a capsule or powder Bladapure combines D — mannose with organic cranberry and key nutrients to create an inhospitable environment for the main cause of infection with comes from the E.coli bacteria.



Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment can be difficult time and side effects from the treatment can leave people low on energy and feeling drained. A double-blind study with herbal yeast supplement, *Bio-Strath (Strath), in 177 patients undergoing treatment has shown positive results in reducing the side effects often experienced. In the Bio-Strath group, improvements were seen in physical activity, appetite, subjective condition and haemoglobin concentration. While the patients in the control group exhibited weight loss during radiotherapy and in the subsequent period of convalescence, the patients in the Bio-Strath group were found to have positive weight development. *(“Schweiz. Zschr. GanzheitsMedizin” 8(6), 1996, F.H. Schwarzenbach, K.W. Brunner)



Ginger has a long history of use at providing relief from nausea, in fact the NHS web site suggests consuming ginger flavoured drinks or boiled sweets during treatment. It’s important not to overindulge on ginger as a large study in the US identified that just 1-2g was enough to ease symptoms. This is equivalent to just 2-3 Gin Gins candies per day. Another important factor is to take ginger at least 2-3 days before treatment commences Gin Gins are available from all good Health stores and selected Cancer research UK charity stores.



The most commonly known side effect of chemotherapy can be hair loss which is often the most distressing.Although the use of vitamins supplements during treatment should be discussed with your doctor it could be beneficial following treatment to supplement the diet with a specific hair supplement which can enhance hair growth.Silicea capsules are high in the essential mineral Silica along with key nutrients which can help maintain normal hair growth while improving the skins moisture and elasticity which often suffer during treatment. Silicea has been available for over 50 years in Germany and has been subjected to numerous clinical studies.

Products available from all good health stores including selected Holland & Barrett stores.

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