How to get the Most from your Summer Yoga Practice

How to get the Most from your Summer Yoga Practice

Embrace the Radiant Energy of Summer - By Natasha Winder

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As the seasons change, our bodies, minds, and emotions, as well as our yoga practice, also change. The yin and yang energy of life influences every aspect of our lives. During winter, we focus on inward reflection and gentle movement, while in summer, we embrace energetic yang energy, vibrancy, courage, and illumination.

I am the owner of a Yoga, Health and Wellbeing Studio in Cumbria. My classes are intuitive and responsive to the energy of the moment and the students. The changing seasons and the moon have a significant impact on these energy shifts.

During summer, we are encouraged to release the power within our bodies and minds. It's a time to unleash the energy through physical movement. I adapt my timetable and classes based on feedback from my students and clients. Restorative Yin Yoga and Healing Sound baths are popular in winter, but I adjust the schedule in summer to include more early morning Barre & Power Yoga Classes.

With early mornings and lighter evenings, people are more active, enjoying the outdoors, nature, and adventure. Summer yoga practice can be powerful and transformative if we tune in and make time for it, especially in the early morning.


To harness the summer energy, consider joining the "Early Bird Club" and dedicating 30 to 45 minutes each morning for a quick power yoga, Pilates, Barre, or Aerial class. This can bring a bolt of energy and confidence to start your day.

Summer yoga is about exploring and nurturing yourself, fuelling your body with energsing foods, and moving fun and light-heartedly. It's a time to externally explore yourself and release physical, mental, and emotional blocks.

Aerial YBP, a fusion of Aerial Yoga, Barre, and Pilates, empowers you to push your boundaries beyond what you thought possible. It's the perfect embodiment of the dynamic yang energy that's so beneficial during the summer, especially when practised first thing in the morning.

Think of winter as your cup of rich, deep, soulful Cacao, and summer as the fresh peppermint leaf picked from the garden that morning for your cup of mint tea.*

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Natasha Winder

Yoga Studio Owner and teacher living in the Lake District, UK.
Coach House Studio, Appleby.