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Top tips on how yoga and exercise can help during menopause

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Menopause is a natural transformative phase in a woman’s life and embracing it with a positive mindset is crucial for a woman’s overall wellbeing. Exercise plays a significant role in promoting physical, emotional and mental health during this journey. Participating in a variety of different exercises can provide numerous benefits. Let’s delve into some of those benefits and roles different forms of exercise can have to help embrace change during menopause.

Menopause is often associated with hormonal fluctuations, which can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in body fat. Participating in regular physical activity can help combat these changes, promote overall health and alleviate common symptoms. Exercise boosts endorphins, which can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression — all of which are common during menopause.

Cardio exercises like walking, running, cycling and swimming are excellent for improving heart health and can help improve sleep quality and boost your mood. It’s documented that participating in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week can significantly contribute to overall wellbeing.

Strength training is crucial during the menopause to counteract the loss of muscle mass and maintain bone density. Lifting weights or using resistance bands can strengthen bones, increase metabolism and improve balance, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Aim for at least two days of full-body strength training each week to reap the benefits.

Menopause can be an emotionally challenging time for many women, but yoga is a mind-body practice that can help, combining physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to promote relaxation, self-awareness and inner peace. The practice of yoga can also reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone responsible for a range of negative effects on the body. By managing stress, women can balance their hormones and alleviate menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and mood swings.

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