Introducing the latest collection from SILVERWIND, a yoga and activewear brand that draws inspiration from nature to create a high performance, colourful and sustainable premium collection with high-street style, made from recycled waste. The new eco-friendly* collection is made from RPET, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and also boasts anti-microbial qualities…perfect for washing less and wearing more! “Our purpose is to inspire people to live sustainably, to protect our world’s oceans and plants, as well as providing incredible eco-friendly styles to help people achieve their goals,” Katherine Zheng, co-founder of SILVERWIND, tells OM.

*Both products and packaging are 100% sustainable and SILVERWIND donates to Ocean Conservancy with every sale

Inspired by the bohemian spirit of freedom, passion, and romance, the designer extracted the free and flowing form of water with the white silhouette of butterflies to show the tenderness of female figures, then paired this element with the contrasting warm geometry to represent reinforcement and strength. Just like the Adaline from Greek Mythology story – who is gentle, kind and beautiful outside, but tough and strong inside.
High-waisted flares: £55
Strapped top: £39

Oversized sweatshirt: £55
Jogger: £43
Cosmic latte and calm blue

Freedom, passion and amour. Romantic and mysterious hues of lavender and sapphire combine into freely-arranged diamond patterns for a full-on bohemian vibe. This print is a standalone stunner, designed for beautiful belles.
High-waisted flares: £55
Strappy top: £39

Made from 78% TERYLENE / 22% SPANDEX. These ‘HeyCloud’ fabrics are ultra soft & lightweight, and feel just like clouds! Four-way stretch for a move-with-you feel. Moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-bacterial.
High-waisted pocket leggings in sage green and light blue: £47
Front twist mesh back bra in sage green and light blue: £31

Peaceful colours, graceful vibes and harmonious feelings. The print features a beautiful picture of the grass swaying in the wind and showing vitality under the nourishment from the earth and rain. The forest goddess, patroness of forests and animals, rises from the moving grass to celebrate female power and praise the contribution women make to society.
High-waisted leggings: £51
Strappy bra: £36.25

The Infinity print features an abstract desert, clear moon and mysterious galaxy, representing the revelation, illumination and unknown, respectively. With a mystical and calming palette of purple, this haute spiritual-inspired print is worthy of your meditation time, to deeply reconnect with your inner self and engage your infinite strength inside you.
High-waisted leggings: £51
Reversible two-way bra: £43

Inspired by the characteristics of perseverance in the herb Ilex Pubescens, the designer draws a picture of the herb growing in the severe cold and showing its tenacious vitality to symbolize strength and tenacity.
Floral Shoulder Tie Long Sleeve Top: £47.50

Inspired by Noah's Ark, the patterns are a combination of an olive branch and maple poplar to represent lushness and life. The warm earthy hue is adopted to create a sense of purity and peace.
High-waisted leggings: £50
Weave back bra: £39

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