Savasana September

Nurture yourself with a daily Savasana practice this month. By Paula Hines

How do you nurture yourself? This feels like a particularly important question to consider if you are in any kind of caregiving role. When I first studied restorative yoga in 2012 with Judith Hanson Lasater, I remember her explaining to us during the training that yoga teachers, who are often giving of ourselves to others, needed to practice restorative yoga.

I did not fully understand this until almost two years later when I found myself in a state of burnout.

There are many ways to nurture oneself. For me, the practice of restorative yoga is a simple, yet profound way. I say this as someone who for a long while before restorative yoga found me couldn’t see the point in what looked like lying around. So, nowadays when I hear someone express this view that I used to believe so strongly, I can’t help but smile.

If you’re a long time reader of this column you’ll know that back in 2014 I embarked on what I called The 365 Savasana Project. This involved practicing a restorative Savasana (supported with props) for 20 minutes, every day for a whole year.

In the years since, while I may not have practiced Savasana every day, I do allow space most days to practice a restorative yoga pose. (The pose I choose is based on what instinctively feels right for my body and mind on the day.) This is because of

the lessons I received from that year, one of which was it is still possible to experience burnout when you are doing something that you love. Consciously giving yourself time for rest (even if all you have is five minutes in your day), I’ve found, is one of the greatest gifts.

Also, since The 365 Savasana Project, each September I have returned to my daily Savasana practice, which I call Savasana September. Sometimes I’ve shared this on social media under the hashtag #SavasanaSeptember.

There’s something about doing this in September that feels especially apt. It’s a month that marks a ‘new year’ of sorts. Partly, it’s the ‘back to school’ vibes, but also in the northern hemisphere where I live it’s the late summer transition to autumn, away from the yang time of year into the yin phase, as well as being the season of the earth element.

Why not join me this year for Savasana September? If you’re on Instagram tag me at @ucanyoga1 and #SavasanaSeptember to let me know how you’re getting on.

It’s time to think about nurturing yourself as well as others.

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