Salty Yoga

Salty Yoga

Breathe better with the healing combination of salt and yoga

No, this is not a yoga style where you immerse yourself in the sea, but it does involve a lot of salt, a natural form of healing that dates back many centuries. You'll find this rather unique yoga offering at Salt Revive, which provides various salt therapy treatments and techniques to clients at its base in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

And it's introduced Salty Yoga, a gentle practice that will leave you blissed out as well as breathing well thanks to the salt in the purpose-built salt rooms. A specialist machine grinds down 100% natural rock salt and disperse this into the room.

The 90-minute candlelit workshop includes breath work and a wonderful long Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to finish with, all whilst enjoying the many healing benefits of the salt therapy. The class is suitable for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to the more experienced.

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There's more: as well as Salty Yoga, you can also experience Salty Gong Baths, Salty Meditation and Salty Tai Chi. There are other special events where you can even make your own aromatherapy blend or crochet basket during a salt workshop. Let's not forget the kids either – bring them along too far for the Salty Kids Club!

You can even enjoy salt therapy in the comfort on your own home, with the Salt Revive shop selling various bundles to help you feel revived and breathing and sleeping better. We love the gorgeous Sleep Well Box (£35) which contains, among lots of other things, a big bag of Himalayan bath salts and inspiring affirmation cards. Life is too short not to breathe easy!

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