Revolved Extended Hand to Foot Pose (Parivrtta Utthita Pada Hastasana)


This asana improves concentration and balance. It Increases flexibility of the spine, relieves pain in the hips and the lower back, while the leg muscles are strengthened and the hamstrings are stretched. The twist massages abdominal tissues to help detoxify internal organs and improve digestion.

Common mistakes

Curling the toes of the standing leg: Make sure that all the toes of the standing leg are spread down on the floor, especially the big toe, pressing the energy down. Pull the muscles of the leg towards the spine, so your standing leg becomes strong and solid, before lifting the other leg up.


  • It’s easy to lose balance if you’re rushing the pose, so take it slow.
  • Once the standing leg is firmly grounded, pull the knee of the other leg to your chest and stretch the leg out fully, before you start the twist. Keep the spine straight and focus on your breath, use each inhale to lengthen your spine and ground your foot, use each exhale to twist a bit more.
  • Focus your eyes on one point to maintain balance.
  • If you have tight hamstrings and can’t fully stretch your leg without curving the spine, loop a belt around the sole of the foot.


PHYSICAL: Keeping the spine straight and maintaining balance focusing on a fixed point.
SPIRITUAL: Focusing on the muladhara (root) or swadhisthana (sacral) chakra.


Ravi Dixit is the owner of Ravi Yoga Resort in Goa, India. Find out more at: raviyogagoa.com or @raviyoga_goa
Photo: Mohammed Salik @mosalikstudios

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