One Legged Crane Pose – Brett Moran

One legged crane pose is an arm balancing inversion that takes patience and discipline, but is worth it!


Benefits of One Legged Crane Pose

You learn a lot of patience and discipline from arm balances. Like anything worth learning in life it’s a journey, and a strong crane pose means we have practiced and taken our time to build inner strength. Arm balances might look easy, but persistence and perseverance are the keys. When you conquer your fears and build confidence through Eka Pada Bakasana it helps you overcome other fears on the mat such as handstands, plus many fears off the mat in life. Overall, the crane pose is a confidence-boosting pose and brings balance, strength, and harmony into our daily practice.

Common Mistakes of One Legged Crane Pose

The biggest mistake most people make when trying to get into any arm balance or handstand is that they jump straight into it rather than building the foundation. Work on your flexors, the muscles on the back of your arms, every day. Strengthen them first and you’ll be holding one legged crane pose and handstand in no time.

One Legged Crane Pose


  • Put one legged crane pose into a regular routine.
  • When I’m on my mat flowing through my practice I jump into Bakasana and lift my knees as high up the back of my arms as I can. After a few mindful breaths, I lift my knees as high up the back of my arms as I can. After a few mindful breaths, I lift my right leg and stretch it out and hold it for a count of five to ten breaths.
  • I then do the same on my left leg and flow back into my sequence with more strength and energy.


Bring your awareness to your fingers, grip the mat, push your shoulders in and take your gaze up. If you’re looking down during one legged crane pose, worried you’re going to fall flat on your face, then chances are you’ll fall flat on your face. Lift your head, look up and in front of you – remember energy flows were your attention goes.

Brett Moran is a yoga teacher and author.

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