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Pure Flourish Candles

Bring some zen into the home with these blissful candles from Pure Flourish. The Unwind Candle (180ml) will help you unwind your way into a tranquil evening, as you lose yourself in the aromas of orange, patchouli, clove and geranium. The Meditation Candle (120ml) is great to remind you to take care of yourself: light the flame, take five and reset with a meditation or a lovely cup of tea.
From £14.99


Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask

Each Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is designed to help you switch off and completely unwind. The soothing and relaxing jasmine scent, combined with the gentle heat and blackout properties, help relax tense, tired eye muscles, easing you into a deep state of relaxation ready to drift off into dreamland.
£3.95 (single sachet) or £15 (box of 5)

7_8 Leggings SD0233-2-Sundried-Womens-Blue-Leggings_grande

Sundried Women’s 7/8 Leggings

These leggings are butter-soft, supple and made with specialist fabric that ensures supreme comfort and stretch. An ecoconscious choice, without compromising on performance. The high-waisted style smoothes the tummy and provides a secure fit no matter what you are engaged in with a secure inner key pocket in waistband lining. Perfect for yoga, running, lifting and everything in between.


Elixir Bioactive Oil Serum

This luxurious age-defying serum from Yours Naturally Naturally Yours is instantly absorbed when applied, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and radiant. It also helps to soften fine lines and scars and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Elixir contains oils which have a high level of Gammalinolenic acid (GLA) such as Borage, Rosehip and Evening Primrose. GLA is an essential fatty acid that is not produced by the body but is needed for development of healthy skin. This serum encourages the production of collagen and elastin to tighten up relaxed muscles which is essential in delaying the process of skin ageing.

Yoga Mat Bag Fair Trade Certified Organic Cotton

Yoga Mat Bag

This bag from West Path is fair trade certified and has been created using GOTS certified organic cotton. Unlike many other yoga mat bags, this one has pockets! In fact, it has three, including one zipper pocket to hold even the largest of cellphones or media devices.


Yoga Pose Wooden Ornaments

Bring a little yoga magic into your home. These quirky African inspired hand-carved wooden yoga animal decorations are super cute and look amazing. Available in three designs — zebra, lion and chimpanzee — these fun decorations will look great perched on the mantlepiece at home.

Sleep 1

Feel Sleep

Feel is a digital health startup on a mission to clean up the ‘dirty’ world of nutritional supplements. Its Feel Sleep formula is intended to boost healthy deep sleep naturally, helping with racing thoughts, anxiety, restlessness, waking up at night and nighttime food cravings. It contains nine potent ingredients, including Tryptophan, the building block of melatonin and key amino acids that your body requires to sleep well.
£17 (150g, 30 servings)

Yoga Cork Brick LR Edit

Meglio Cork Yoga Block

Block out the fear and doubt about whether your body is flexible enough to try a new pose because Meglio’s cork bricks are here to support you at all stages of your yoga journey. Cork is harder and sturdier than foam, which makes it better for balance. These ones have a non-slip surface to stick to the floor to keep you stable and supported at every stretch.

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