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Noveme Natural Yoga Mat

Noveme Natural Yoga Mat

Launched in November 2021, Noveme is a London-based brand that offers minimalist, high-quality plant-based yoga mats designed to last.

The brand sets itself apart by offering cork yoga mats crafted with slices of premium natural cork, unlike most cork yoga mats in the market made from agglomerated cork (a material made from granulated by-products of natural cork production).

As a result, these mats have a velvety-soft texture that is smooth and warm to the touch, and a pleasant, slightly sweet odour, all of which combined provide amazing sensory experiences.

Natural cork also offers the right balance between grip and freedom of movement - allowing you to move freely during your practice, with the advantage of getting grippier the more you sweat. No more slipping in Downward Dog! The natural rubber base provides stability and cushioning for maximum comfort.

Perfect for a yoga practice connected to nature.


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