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Think Positive Cards Deck

Think Positive Cards Deck

Pack of 20 positive affirmation cards with motivational words and colourful flowers. Use the ‘positive minds’ cards daily in your meditations, law of attraction vision board or journal, or hand them out to people wherever you go. The back of each card has a flower matching the front. Packed in a paper box and purple organza bag.


Calm: Salt and Scent Box

This box of wellness products from Salt and Scent has been designed to help relax, unwind and aid sleep. Life feels more manageable after a good night’s sleep, and when both your body and mind feel balanced. Includes self-heating Spacemask, eyemask, steam bath salts, calming tea, pillow spray and much more. Makes the perfect gift for a busy person, a bride to be…or an insomniac!

REST - Remedial Aromatherapy (Luxury Candle Collection)

Rest Aromatherapy Candle

Handmade on the Isle of Wight, this luxury candle will bring peace and some well-deserved rest into your home. A floral heart of lily, English lavender and patchouli. Harmonised by a musky base of Dead Sea minerals, vetivert and cedar wood. 100% pure soy wax, blended with natural essential oils.


Natural Yoga Mat By Noveme

Turn your practice into a sensory experience with Noveme’s Natural Yoga Mat. Launched in November 2021, Noveme is a London-based brand that offers minimalist, high-quality plant-based yoga mats designed to last. Sustainably made in Portugal, the Natural Yoga Mat features a top layer crafted with slices of premium natural cork - a smooth material that offers excellent grip - and a natural rubber base to provide stability and cushioning for maximum comfort. Perfect for a yoga practice connected to nature.

Clarity Blend Aromatherapy Lavender Relaxation Eye Pillow Summer Meadow Pattern

Lavender Relaxation Eye Pillow

Filled with dried lavender and 100% natural flaxseed, this aromatherapy eye pillow is a perfect companion to your meditation, yoga or relaxation practice. Soft and lightweight, it comfortably hugs your eyes and forehead, blocking out light and releasing facial tension. A slight pressure on your eyes helps you to relax more deeply and relieves stress. The washable pillowcase is made from premium quality Pima cotton lawn, a beautifully soft fabric that behaves like silk. Lovingly hand-crafted in the UK.


Bondi Wash Yoga Mat Spray

A unique natural formulation to wash your yoga mat of germs and dirt. The antibacterial formulation helps deodorise and maintain a clean, fresh mat. Kills 99.9% of germs (confirmed with independent lab tests). Yoga studios can dilute the spray (one part spray to five parts water) for a dry wipe down solution. Can also be used on other sporting equipment or to refresh shoes.
£9 (150ml)

Self Love Club Art

Self Love Club Art

Join the happiness revolution! Give yourself a beautiful, fun reminder of the most important key to happiness — self-love. Made from 100% white linen and hand-cut pink neon leather lettering, this original, punchy piece would make a unique and special Valentine’s present for anyone in need of a self-love reminder...especially if that someone is yourself! Size: 40x40cm.

Turbo Zen Slut Tea Towel

Turbo Zen Slut Tea Towel

Know any turbo zen hippies who work their way through every possible spiritual and alternative healing experience possible? Maybe you are said person? Take doing the dishes to a whole new level with this quirky tea towel, complete with original, edgy poem! A great little gift for you or a friend if you want to spread some alternative lol! 100% cotton. Made in England.

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