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Yoke Wellness Acupressure Set

An all-natural 7,000+ spike mat that helps reduce stress and provide anxiety relief. Wake up and feel lasting relief from any soreness, stiffness, aches or pains…the perfect relaxation and recovery tool! From helping to ease tension in the back and neck, to calming down before sleep, this washable mat is a natural, drug-free way to upgrade to a healthier mindset and lifestyle.


Dreamer Pro Mat

One for the Dreamer Yogi, in pearlescent white with sky blue wash…drift away into the ether through milky clouds with this Dreamer Pro Mat in white and blue from Kin Yoga Mats. A premium PU colour printed mat, 4.5mm thick, with Kin’s signature tri-layer build to help you feel strong, safe and supported in your practice. Free comfort carry/yoga strap with every mat.

Def Not Anti Pink Mug

Def Not Anti Pink Mug

Ceramic yoga mug in black or pink from Panza + Fink. The perfect gift for any fun-loving yoga bunnies in your world, or just for you. Celebrate your love of all things yoga each time you drink a cup of herbal tea!


Clay Volant Diffuser

Transform any room with Volant, a Norwegian brand of luxury aroma diffusers and essential oils. The handmade stone diffuser is minimalistic and elegant, helping you spread essential oils and good vibes throughout your home or yoga space. The ceramic surface in terracotta clay will light up any space with its elegant presence. Can be paired with a wide range of pure essential oils from Volant.

African Bronze Statue - Lotus in Teal

African Bronze Statue - Lotus in Teal

Bring real, authentic and unique beauty into your home with these one-of-a-kind bronze statues celebrating the joy of yoga practice. Made entirely by hand in Burkina Faso, one of Africa’s poorest countries, it makes a lovely, original gift for you or a loved one. Each statue is carefully hand-sculpted in beeswax before being cast in bronze, the figurines are then polished and painted. The finishing is traditionally done by women, while men do all the metalwork. Approximate height: 11 cm

Aurina Manni Harem Pants copy

Aurina Manni Harem Pants

Get the hippie look this year with these beautiful soft cotton harem pants in charming block printed fabric. Stylish, ideal for everyday living, and great for a spot of anywhere yoga too! Various colours available. One size fits all from 8-14.

Deep Slumber Lifestyle

Deep Slumber Candle Jar

Relax and upgrade your sleep with this yummy Deep Slumber candle jar from Wild Planet Aromatherapy. An unwinding essential oil blend of soothing lavender, elevated with calming mandarin and a tranquil layer of vetiver to create an earthy, enduring aroma. Total bliss.


Fretwork Yoga Bolster

Yogipod is a collection of hand block printed yoga props designed to encourage people to find their calm. The yoga bolsters are printed in Jaipur and filled with buckwheat, the perfect prop to make yoga more accessible or to explore the slower more restorative styles of yoga practice.

Om Magazine

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