One step closer to world peace

What if everyone in the world was a yogi? By Sarah Highfield

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Hands up if you ever have novel thoughts, or ponder on things and situations that feel impossible? There are certainly a lot of ‘what ifs’ that pass through my mind, and amidst the uncertainty and chaos of the world we live in today, I sometimes wonder if a better world could be reached if everyone on our planet was a yogi? It is a basic thought but one I am sure lots of other yogis have considered at some point.

After all, who does not dream of a more stable and peaceful existence for humankind when the news is endlessly reporting on wars, inequality, climate change, poverty and rising crime rates? Needless to say, ways of predicting or achieving world peace are truly beyond my comprehension, but I do occasionally have naive theories and like to hypothesise.

Fortunately, in favour of the impossible being achieved, the very philosophy and practice of yoga encourages yogis to cultivate self[1]awareness, empathy and non-violence. Hence, I suppose if everyone in the world embraced these principles and lived as yogis, it could potentially contribute towards a more peaceful society, especially since yogic principles emphasise the interconnectedness of all beings and encourages a sense of harmony.

However, and unfortunately, conflict and instability arise from many sources, including political, social, economic and cultural differences. The world is diverse, and people hold a wide range of beliefs and values. So, while yoga effectively promotes personal transformation and a sense of unity, it may not directly address the underlying causes of such issues and differences.

Achieving world peace clearly requires collective action, tolerance and cooperation on a global scale; and even though yoga can have a positive impact on people, it most likely will not lead to widespread societal change or resolve deeply entrenched problems.

To loop back to my original musings about yoga leading to world peace, I guess the concise answer is no, it would not be sufficient to guarantee it. However, at the very least, yoga does lead to a better version of the world and the people within it, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Making small and positive steps is always better than taking no steps at all!

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