OM in 30 Seconds - October 2021

Camiyogair Aerial Yoga Classical Sun Salutation 2

Life’s better upside down! Energise and elevate your day with a bit of aerial yoga this month. Celebrate down under with this aerial yoga classical sun salutation sequence — guaranteed to turn your world upside down! Aerial Yoga Sequence


Where would we be without our yoga mats? Our mats are an integral part of our yoga practice and, like all of us, they are all so different. There are cork mats, rubber mats, even spiky mats! Find your yoga mat in our special report this month. Yoga Mats Special Report


Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, is a complete health system that has been popular in India for thousands of years. Discover your Dosha and learn all about this wonderful world of wellness inside our Ayurveda special report. Ayurveda Special Report

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