OM in 30 Seconds - June 2019

Dancer pose - OM in 30 seconds

Dancer is an uplifting pose that will develop your strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. The pose strengthens your legs, increases the flexibility of your spine, energises your body and focuses your mind. 360º Yoga: Dancer Pose. 

Self Love - OM in 30 seconds

Meditation is so useful for building deep levels of self-love because it helps with so many of the mental issues we have that impact the relationship we have with ourselves: our limiting beliefs, our negative self-talk, our need to compare. A Year Of Self-Love.

Reading - OM in 30 seconds

There is so much to gain by diving deep into a book; there is escapism from our day-to-day routine. Reading is a gift and it is up to us to pass the love of a good book on to our children by embracing the act ourselves. The Riches Of Reading.

Om Magazine

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