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Backbends are therapeutic healing and they can challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. Incorporating them into your practice helps you present a more positive and lifted version of yourself to the world. Open your heart and give your back some love with this short backbend sequence.
5 Beautiful Backbends, Page 30

Yoga gives me a sense of connection to both my inner and outer worlds. It gave me a chance to look inwards, to be curious about my body, mind and breath and it also helped me understand my body from an injury point of view. When I’m on my mat or in my yoga space, it’s just me and my movement, whatever that might look like. OM Meets Cat Meffan Page 34


Fish pose will open your chest, increase the flexibility of your spine and lift your mood. It is usually practiced as a counter pose to shoulder-stand but, as a standalone pose, it makes a wonderful antidote to sitting at a desk or computer, where your shoulders are pulled forwards and your back is rounded. 360º Yoga: Fish Pose, Page 38

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