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Yoga Song

Gregory Ormson

Rochak Press

A story of transformation and redemption in 23 lyric vignettes from an OM regular contributor, Dr Gregory Ormson, with a foreword by Dr. Yogananth Andiappan. The author believes there’s a song at the centre of all time, being, structure — and yoga. The instrument of a ‘yoga song’ is the yogi’s body, which includes mind, spirit, emotion, energy, and consciousness. This book is informative and inspirational, proclaiming to every yogi that as they ‘yoga’, they are a yoga song…a sacred song, in mind, body, and spirit.

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Big & Bold: Yoga For The Plus-Size Woman

Laura Burns
Human Kinetics

Larger women can experience freedom, comfort, strength, and mobility in their bodies through a yoga practice, and this
book will show you how. Provides clear instructions for safely performing 43 poses (asanas) in a variety of seated, kneeling, standing, reclined, and restorative positions. Poses feature multiple options for body positioning and prop usage, so you can choose the variations and make the adjustments that work best for you.

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Coming Home: A Guide To Being Your True Self

Gillian McMichael
Panoma Press

In Coming Home, Gillian McMichael aims to help readers break free of self-limiting beliefs, the expectations of others, rediscover their passions and pursue becoming the person they really want to be. The book combines a holistic coaching roadmap and practical exercises for self-reflection with lessons from the author’s own story, allowing everyday readers to learn about how one normal person overcame what was holding her back, and how they can too.

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Yoga Anatomy (Spiral Bound)

Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
Human Kinetics

With more than a million copies sold, Yoga Anatomy has become an invaluable resource for yoga practitioners, enthusiasts, and instructors around the world. Expanded and updated, the third edition of Yoga Anatomy will provide you with an even deeper understanding of yoga and of the structures and principles underlying each movement. Spiral bound version released in May.

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