The Breathing Revolution

The Breathing Revolution: Train Yourself To Breathe Properly To Banish Anxiety And Find Your Inner Calm

Yolanda Barker

Green Tree

Take a breath — and learn to breathe again. This book shows just how important it is for us to breathe properly and focus on our breathing, something that most yogis will already know. The core of the book contains a seven-day programme with a breathing exercise per day. The second part of the book contains techniques that can help on a day-to-day basis, from how to identify triggers to tips for posture and pelvic floor health and breathing techniques that help with specific issues. With research, practical exercises, anecdotes and advice, the author shows how breath practice and the knowledge gained through it are important and powerful resources to integrate into our daily lives.

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Trauma Healing In The Yoga Zone A Guide For Mental Health Professionals, Yoga Therapists And Teachers

Joann Lutz

Joann Lutz developed the model of ‘Nervous-System Informed, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga’, which she describes in detail in this book. The author has been training mental health professionals internationally for 10 years, as well as offering a certification programme in this approach. Now her new book brings her teaching to a wider audience. It describes and explores the model, which is a synthesis of polyvagal theory, classic yoga, somatic psychotherapy, and neuroscience research, organised around the eight stages of classic yoga practice.


The Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook Protein-Rich Recipes To Train Recover And Perform

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