OM Books July 2023 (1)

The Healing Workbook: Tips And Guided Exercise To Help Overcome Trauma

Amanda Marples

VIE Books (Summersdale Publishers)

Trauma may seem a daunting word, but it can cover many distressing events, from negative childhood experiences to the ordeal of living through a pandemic. It is often at the source of our fears and anxieties and can affect the way we live our lives. This book is full of practical advice, effective tips and guided exercises based on trusted cognitive therapy (CBT) techniques to help readers begin the process of recovery from their trauma and to find a way back to themselves and a life where they can flourish and thrive.

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OM Books July 2023 (2)

Recipes To Reconnect: Food and Conversations To Re-establish The Relationship Between Nature, Food and Self

Anna Boglione
Kyle Books

We have lost touch with the planet that feeds us and its relationship to our health, happiness and climate. Through thought-provoking conversations with inspiring thinkers and writers, and seasonal recipes created alongside leading chefs, this book provides a blueprint for a better way of eating and living. Recipe and conversation pairings cover such topics as regenerative farming and rewilding, foraged dishes, microbes, and even lucid dreaming for a good night's sleep.

OM Books July 2023 (3)

The Neuroscience of Yoga And Meditation

Britanny Fair
Handspring Publishing

Publishing July 21, The Neuroscience of Yoga and Meditation presents a comprehensive review of scientific research on the effects of yoga and meditation on the brain. The author offers tools for interpreting scientific literature and explores the current limitations in studying these practices. She also includes examples of meditations and movement routines that activate the brain to decrease stress and improve wellbeing. A must-have for any yoga teacher, therapist or student interested in how contemplative practices affect the brain.

OM Books July 2023 (4)

Children's Yoga Nidra:
The Enlightened Super Souls

Jennifer Fitzsimmons (Illustrated by Kristie Woods)
Reach Publishers

Introduce your children to the soothing gift that is yoga nidra. This book includes yoga nidra scripts for children as bedtime stories, also available in audio. The author also provides a brief summary for adults, along with the teachings of life in the language of youngsters on how to take care of their thoughts and feelings. Helps parents build or reinstate strong, balanced minds and calm, healthy and happy emotions in their children – to bring back the joy of being a child.

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