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Grub’s up

Confession: I’m not a great cook! But I have to say I’ve raised my game in the kitchen recently thanks to some of your recipes. They’re generally easy-to-follow, so hard to get wrong (I still do get them wrong sometimes), and they’re always
delicious — and healthy too! What’s not to like? I’m thinking it may soon be time for me to revisit my own culinary self-image from ‘Not a great cook’ to ‘Yeah, I can hold my own in the kitchen’. The real test will be when I start inviting others over to try out my new plant-based creations. Like yoga, everything is a practice!
Di, by email

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Top teachers

I was so inspired by the amazing teachers featured in your August issue, not only in your Best of British report but also the extraordinary people working in areas like pregnancy yoga (thank you Lolly Stirk, a true pioneer in every sense!) and yoga for children. It spurs me on in my own work, both on and off the yoga mat!
Ally, by email

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Wisdom journal

I was enjoying OM with a pot of jasmine tea in one of my favourite cafes in Brighton and the idea of keeping a journal of the insights from yoga classes and reading your magazine came to me, so that I could hold onto those nuggets of wisdom that may otherwise get lost in the busy-ness of life. One of my first entries was a quote from one teacher recently who said: “Never let a negative thought in your head, as it’ll then get in your body.” Thanks for the inspiration as ever.
Alistair, by email

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