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Back to school

Hi OM! I am returning to university this month and cannot tell you how important yoga — and your magazine — is to me. It was my first year at uni last year and it was a pretty tough one, to be honest, so I’m hoping to begin afresh this month. But OM magazine (paid for by my dear old nan) and my daily practice kept me going when things were pretty bleak. Here’s hoping for a better academic year!

Jessica, by email

Just get jabbed

I love yoga and all things related to natural health. I know a lot of yoga friends and teachers who have embraced the Covid-19 vaccinations, which I think is great, but sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that isn’t in a rush to do so. I’m lucky enough to be young(ish) and healthy, and my immune system is strong, so I’m perhaps one of the fortunate ones. I also feel there’s no harm in being a little cautious sometimes. I just wondered how other readers felt about this?

Andrew, by email

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Baby love

Great timing for your pregnancy issue in September! I am expecting my first baby next year so I really enjoyed looking through all the tips and ideas inside from so many wonderful and experienced teachers. I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges ahead for me but it’s reassuring to know that others have been there before — and that I have yoga on my side!

Emma, by email

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