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Stateside love

I’m writing from Elmhurst, a suburb of Chicago. Last year while travelling to London I discovered OM magazine and have become obsessed reading it! Each month, when leaving Heathrow, I would pop into WH Smith and get the newest copy. By the time I arrived in Chicago, I had read it cover to cover (I also read the ads!). Since the pandemic, I am not in London as often and have now had a hard time finding the latest issue. I think I am having withdrawals. I think I need to subscribe and catch up. Hoping to do that soon and that there is a digital option — this way I won’t miss a thing. Thanks for producing a quality magazine and I look forward to many more. Peace.

Kristine D, by email


Welcome back

I am so happy that OM is back! I have missed you guys! It was hard enough getting through 2020 anyway, but especially without my favourite magazine dropping through the letterbox every month. How wonderful to get the September issue, it was almost like a sign of normal life resuming after the craziness of this year. OM also makes me feel more connected with the rest of the global yoga community and for that I am very grateful.

Lisa, by email


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