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Real people

I went to a yoga studio last week. Normally, that wouldn’t sound much of a big deal, but it was my first time back, in-person, since earlier this year. And I loved it! Despite all the safety measures in place, and other nonsense, it was such a wonderful feeling to see other people again and to connect with my old community. And the group chanting OM literally sent a shiver down my spine. Never again will I take my yoga for granted; never again will I hesitate to go to the studio even when it’s cold, dark and rainy outside!
Lisa, by email

Namaste - Real people

Mat love stories

Hi OM. I really enjoyed your yoga mat love stories in the last issue (Yoga Mats Report, issue 110). I can totally relate to what the people were saying. I’ve had my mat for about 20 years now and I still love it (although I must confess I have also secretly bought a couple of new ones along the way!). Nothing beats my old mat though for that feeling of ‘coming home’ every time I stretch out on it. It’s amazing how an old rubber mat can make you feel. Thank you, yoga… and thank you, mat.
Janet, by email 

Namaste - mat love stories

Welcome back

I’m so happy that OM is arriving through my door again. I really missed it. For me, it’s an important way to connect with the wider yoga community out there and to see all that’s going on. I also get lots of ideas and inspiration from your magazine, so thank you. It feels like a bit of normality once again, which is definitely what I need right now.
Lotte, by email

Namaste - welcome back

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