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Gratitude time

I just wanted to write in and say a big thank you to all the amazing yoga teachers out there — all over the world. It’s been a rotten year for so many people but they have done their utmost to keep us active and happy at home despite all the challenges they too have faced. I have heard of so many teachers making the rapid adjustment to online teaching (often breaking out of their comfort zone to do so), just to try and earn a living and to stay connected to their communities. It’s heartbreaking but also inspiring. All of the teachers that I know truly embody the spirit of yoga and I thank you for that. Jo, by email


A wonderful year of yoga

Well done in going a whole year without mentioning the two 'C' words (one ends in '19’) but still being absolutely pitch perfect for these times. Yoga has helped me get through the year. I've followed two of my existing teachers as they've moved to online classes. Plus my employer now gets a yoga teacher to give us a live-streamed class each week, so whilst other areas of life have been curtailed I feel my yoga practice has grown richer. As a small token of thanks to my local yoga studio for continuing to provide classes, after I have finished with my copy of OM I drop it off to the studio to share the love. Alistair, by email


Bravo boys

I really enjoyed reading through your report on 10 Male Yoga Teachers You Need To Know About in the April issue. It was lovely to discover some new faces and each of them has such a unique story to tell as well. I look forward to trying a few new classes with them in the coming weeks and months. Lawrence, by email

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