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Yoga Show

Just wanted to say how much I missed the OM Yoga Show not taking place in London last year. With so many events and holidays cancelled or postponed, I’m thinking back to the last time I enjoyed events and meet-ups: my mind goes back to doing the KundaDance class with Maya Fiennes. During the lockdowns, yoga and walking were things that remained constant for me. Just having a routine, and having yoga to look forward to each morning, helped to keep me upbeat and motivated. Without that, I don’t know mentally where I would be. Let’s all hope that the OM Yoga Show returns this year. For now, I still have all the great memories of past shows!
Mandy, by email

Readers Letters

Happy New Year

Thank you OM for helping to keep me going during the dark months of 2020. I’m so glad we’ve made it through the year, but I couldn’t have done it without my yoga and getting my regular copy of OM magazine through the door. It was great to feel that sense of community with others once again. Yoga is a life saver for me and your magazine has become an important part of that. Let’s all hope for a happier new year in 2021!
Jessie, by email

Readers Letters

The magic of yoga

I really enjoyed your ‘Yoga as Magic’ article in the December issue. It’s so true: “In our society we’ve long forgotten our connection to nature, spirit and all living things” (to quote the teacher in the article, Sandra Wijkman Donovan). For anyone who has truly ‘experienced’ yoga, it is so much more than merely making shapes on a mat. What happens to me when practicing yoga is nothing short of ‘magical’, in terms of deep and inner transformation and the sense of connection to all things.
Lily, by email


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