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Yoga inspiration

It was really great to see your cover model Mumtaz Haque featured in the November issue of OM magazine. What an inspiration! A fantastic role model for all yogis. And thank you OM for keeping us inspired and motivated too.
Lily, by email

Namaste 1

Mat love stories

Your feature on yoga mats (October 2020) reminded me how I got my first mat free through a local freecycle website. Then I bought one to use inside the house as the first one was getting dirty from using outside. Then I got one for the office. Then my daughter got one. And her boyfriend has one here as well so we now have five mats! If I could only take one possession to a desert island, my original yoga mat would be a contender. Thanks for your monthly inspiration especially as we approach a winter of covid restrictions. You remind us that yoga can help us transcend the global mood of fear, frustration and anger and open us to love, optimism and calm.
Alistair, by email


Wonder web

Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your new-look website. I’ve read the print magazine for years but now enjoy taking a look through the articles online too. It’s great to get more OM in my life! In these crazy times your magazine is just what I need.
Georgina, by email


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