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Slow down

It’s funny, but in the age of YouTube and the internet, and unlimited 24/7 online yoga everywhere, I still find it immensely more comforting reading a print magazine. Even the yoga sequences are so much calmer than the on-screen equivalents. OM’s Yoga at Home series with Laura Dodd and The Yoga Class always makes me stop and take time out of my day for a gentle home stretch. Keep calm and carry OM!
Janet, by email

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Let’s hear it for the boys

Loved seeing a man on your front cover recently (Jospeh Encinia, August 2022). I do appreciate that your readers are predominantly female but nonetheless it’s still nice to see something different now and again. And great inspiration for us yoga guys — and what an inspirational story Joseph has to tell too.
David, by email

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Food for thought

Lots of great insights and inspiration in your Yoga Wisdom report in September. The article by Ram Jain was particularly interesting for me, especially the concept of ‘the happiness pendulum’ (i.e. accepting both happiness and sadness as normal, variable parts of life to arrive at a lasting state of peace and contentment). For me, the main takeaway was this: stop chasing happiness and start embracing peace! I want more yoga wisdom please!
Laura, by email

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