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Welcome back!

I just wanted to say how much I really enjoy the editor's welcome letter at the start of each issue – so I wanted to 'welcome' back! It's the first thing I read every month. Your message in the December issue about making your presence the best present you can give your family at Christmas came just at the right time for me, helping to keep things in perspective. And again in January, about motivation and consistency – all great messages. I just wanted to write back with a 'welcome' of my own to make sure you now that it is appreciated and valued. 
Lily, by email

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You inspire me

Thanks as ever for the inspiration each and every month. After starting a new year, it's really important that we do so with positivity, optimism and enthusiasm, qualities that have sometimes been in short supply for me (and I'm sure many others) over the last couple of years. It's always appreciated how you focus on the good stuff! We get plenty of exposure to the bad stuff elsewhere! Thank you all at OM.
Tracey, by email

The gift that keeps on giving

I got an OM subscription for Christmas from my friend, Isabelle, and it's just the best present. Getting the first issue was a great way to start my new year, but I love the fact that I will keep getting the magazine every single month throughout 2023. And straight to my door! So cool! It's a fab idea from my wonderful, sweet friend.
Charlotte, by email

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