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Aussie rules

It was nice to see a studio from Down Under featured in your June issue. The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga looks like a truly amazing space and if I ever make the journey to Oz I will definitely visit! Please include more overseas studios, it's a great way to see how other yoga communities are living and thriving together across our precious planet. 
Mel, by email

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Living with love

I love learning about how to apply some of yoga's deeper teachings to everyday life. Your Living the Teachings column is always an inspiring read, as was your Ahimsa: Living With Love article in the June issue. The recent series of articles by Esther Marie were also great in helping to find ways to embed yoga and some of its spiritual ideas into busy lives.
Imogen, by email

On trend

I enjoyed your trending yoga styles report in the May issue. I'd head about Anusara Yoga before but didn't really know much about it, so it was good to learn more in your magazine. I now feel inspired to give it a go. 
Mandy, by email

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