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Like father, like daughter

I have been practicing yoga for 45 years. I am now 61, recently retired from medicine, and live in Sheffield. My daughter is 28 and is a qualified yoga instructor, living and working in London. The handstand scorpion photograph of me here was taken in Corfu in 1990 when I was 29. The corresponding picture of my daughter, Ellie, was taken recently, she is almost the same age as I was — the two photos are 32 years apart! The other pictures show us doing a split variation (taken when I was 59, my daughter 26). Like father, like daughter!

Stephen Bostock & Ellie Bostock @elliebyoga

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I am a yoga teacher

Hey OM. It made me giggle seeing your teacher training report in the June issue. It was your teacher training report five years ago that made me realise the time was right for me to dive in and follow my dream of becoming a qualified yoga instructor. I’m happy to say that I am now qualified and a professional yoga teacher. I was just thinking of all the new students reading the June issue and grappling with the decision to go for it. My advice is definitely go for it! It’s the best thing you can ever do!

Mandie C, by email

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Show time

So excited to see that the OM Yoga Show is back again year…it’s been far too long! Can’t wait to try lots of new classes, eat lots of yummy food and see all my old friends again!

Imogen, by email

The OM Yoga Show takes place from 14-16 October, 2022 at Alexandra Palace, London. Visit:

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