OM readers had plenty to say about 'The Cultural Appropriation Debacle in Yoga' article featured in our December 2022 issue. Here's a selection of messages we have received:


Namaste Returns

The December issue article about cultural appropriation was really good. After reading it, I stopped using Namaste at the end of my classes...but have been asked to re-introduce it by my students. And I agree totally about how yoga is being portrayed in social media. You don't see many posts of a 56-year-old bald bloke from Teesside practicing, but perhaps we should! Anyway, thanks for a great magazine.

Si, by email


No more preaching

I'm sick of being preached at. Let people do what they want to do and stop dividing people by having a few people in a minority group act like victims all the time. How do you think naturally-thin women feel by being told that they are capitalising on yoga by being white and thin? Or how people can't have certain tattoos because certain people get offended? Why bow down to this minority that get offended? What are people meant to do: get laser tattoo removal because a few people don't like it? Get a grip.

Lauren, by email

Keep to the path

Thank you so much that this very apt and important subject has finally been addressed. I did my yoga teacher training in India back in 2014. Sadly, I feel that yoga now has become far too pretentious. Let's hope it finds its way back on the right path. 

Kimberley, by email

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