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Garage land

I enjoyed your Home Sweet Home feature in the June issue. Very inspiring to see how other people prepare their yoga spaces at home. I have just moved into a new house with a garage which I am hoping to commandeer as my own personal yoga space (subject to the wife’s permission, of course!). I’m looking forward to exploring more ideas to design my own perfect shala…in my garage! David, by email

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Love rebels

Be a rebel and love yourself — I absolutely love this concept! The article [in the June 2022 issue] was well written and presented something of a challenge for people like myself who may struggle with the concept of self-love — although I believe there are many others out there like me. The practical tips to create a more self-compassionate and loving relationship were really helpful. Learning self-love is a major life lesson in my opinion and the notion that you can ‘be a rebel and do it anyway’ despite all the pressures we face against us is a great way to view it. Andrea, by email

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Starting over

I’m just getting back into yoga after a long, long absence. I used to do it when I was at university to cope with stress, but now — let’s just say several decades older and wiser — it has come back into my life in a big way. I subscribed to OM as part of this return so it was nice to read your Yoga for Beginners report in the July issue to know that I am not alone. I didn’t really get the yoga community side of things previously, but now it’s a major draw for me, as well as the lovely, soothing practice, of course. Kelly, by email

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