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This month’s mentor:

Andrea Fischer, 25, Bodai Yoga (@bodaiyoga) Mexico City, Mexico (

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Does a YTT set you up for running your own business?

A teacher training course does not set you up for running your own studio. It doesn’t even prepare you to face your first audience when you’re assigned a group of students. Truth is, these teacher training courses give valuable information in terms of philosophy, history, and anatomy, which you really do need if you aspire to become a yoga teacher. Nevertheless, the curriculum that many of these courses offer does not cover properly how to start a business —let alone how to make it successful. If anyone’s convinced they want to open a yoga studio after they complete their course, my best advice would be for them to get the best mentorship. Knowing every possible muscle in the body alone does not help us pay the taxes.

Social media tips?

Our strategy at Bodai Yoga, a boutique studio in the heart of Mexico City, has been to go social. This is why a studio needs to have a clear identity. Think of your Instagram account as your portfolio: the place where you can showcase your services, activities, and core values. If you have a consistent narrative — and the IG algorithm — people will get used to your content and ask for more. This is why we try to post to our feed three times a week: one pic, one carrousel and a reel. We publish our daily schedule to our stories, so our students are aware of classes and special events. This way, your community remains engaged and willing to participate.

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Self-care tips?

To give a proper class, you must be healthy physically and mentally first. And yes, dictating classes every day can be very tiring. If anything, yoga teaches us that we are holistic beings. Yes, we are yoga teachers, but we are a lot more than just that. Yoga is a lifestyle, but teaching should not consume every aspect of your human experience. Personally, both as a business owner and a yoga teacher, I rely on my hobbies and everyday routine: lighting my favourite scented candles, ticking everything off my to-do list as the day progresses, taking long walks back home, and sleeping properly — these things help your mind to hold itself together. Anything that allows you to return to yourself helps.

Business coach or mentor?

If we had not partnered with online fitness and wellness services, like Gympass, lululemon, and others, the path would have been a lot rougher. If you’re an independent yoga teacher, or wish to open a studio, partnering with other businesses is the way to go. Let the pros teach you how it’s done! In terms of taxes, insurance, and legal services, please reach out to the experts — you will save a lot of time and stress you do not need. Having a supportive family and close circle of friends is fundamental, too. If I had not had the advice from my parents, I know I would have lost a lot of money searching for the right mentor.

Hardest lesson?

You cannot welcome just anyone to your studio, especially if they aspire to teach there. Even though there are honest, hardworking people that want to share their knowledge and talent with your community, not everyone shares your values and the love for your project as much as you do. If you want to open your own studio, be mindful of the people you surround yourself with. In the end, they will be your team and will help you create solid groups that want to come back for more. So, in a nutshell: be careful of who you hire!

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