Petra Satinova

My place

Yogi: Petra Satinová
Photographer:  Ivan Gróf
Location: Vaavu Atol, Thinadhoo Island, Maldives

The islands of the Maldives are still a hidden and unexplored paradise of all shades of green jungles, magical underwater worlds, healthy coral reef and hospitable residents. Practicing yoga during lovely sunsets and sunrises at the tip of the sandy beach, with baby sharks cruising around and hundreds of hermit crabs everywhere, was a moment of deep connection, says yogini Petra Satinová. “Not just with myself, but in the unity and nature of it all; the quieter you become the more you can hear… so I slowed down and heard.” The nature of these magical islands chanted healing sounds through the noise of the ocean, as well as the nearby chorus of the roosters and the hens, she adds. “So I danced in this natural paradise with my lord of the dance pose.” The soft sand made things a little tricky, however. While shooting this photo, the yogini fell several times onto the beautiful Maldives beach. “But yoga has taught me how important it is to know how to fall before we learn to fly…in yoga poses as well as in everyday life.”

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