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Yogi: Rob Lahoud
Photographer: David Parry
Location: Yarramundi Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Yarramundi Reserve was once a favourable location for Aboriginal occupation as it was close to fresh drinking water. It was also an important source of stone for making tools and attracted a rich and diverse suit of plant, animal and aquatic resources for First Nations Australians. Today, it is a great place for nature lovers, with over 90 different species of birds. The reserve is suitable for swimming, kayaking, fishing or a relaxing picnic by the river – and yoga. "This pose teaches us that true strength is grounded, calm, and ever-present," says yogi Rob Lahoud. "Practicing Tadasana (mountain pose) reminds us that we too can have the strength of the mountain. We work to keep our feet grounded, solid upon the earth, but lift our hearts and our heads towards the sky. Both still and active, peaceful and strong. A bulwark (protective wall from potential aggressors) rather than an obstacle."

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