Peter Bartesch

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Yogi: Peter Bartesch
Photographer: Samuel Henderson
Location: Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, California, USA

California is blessed with many hiking trails and beautiful nature. Mount Tamalpais (Mt Tam for short) is the crown jewel sitting high above the coast looking down on San Francisco, the bay and the beaches below. “Mt Tam has thick redwood forests and rolling green hills after the rain; it’s the kind of place where you can return again and again and still find peace and awe within the same breath,” says Peter Bartesch. “Spending time hiking in nature was my first yoga practice, giving me a sacred relationship to my body, breath and god’s creation. Hiking these hills throughout the seasons of my life has taught me how to pay attention to the smallest details and shifts in nature. It has taught me how to sit still and trust in the dynamic activity of mother nature and father time and to see that we all have our place with the cycles of life. When I need it, Mt Tam is always there to offer an escape to climb high and gain new perspective.”

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Photo: Samuel Henderson (

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