Jasmine Sara

My place

Yogi: Jasmine Sara
Photographer: Tui Anandi
Location: Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru

Jasmine Sara is a yoga teacher and writer travelling the world, working on wellness retreats, organic farms and online projects. This spot in the mountains in Peru is a special place for her to practice yoga. “I feel like the mountains called me here to The Sacred Valley,” she tells OM. “Their presence is protective. With the altitude it’s not an easy place to adapt to — hiking is harder than usual and everything feels different — so this mountain represents resilience to me, the ability to adapt whilst being held in a safe container provided by nature.” The Sacred Valley is also an incredibly healing place, she adds. “It has played a very special role in my own wellness journey.  I come to this mountain to breathe, to remind myself how strong I am and to appreciate the beauty of where I am in the world.”