East River State Park

My place

Yogi: Mariah Gibson
Photographer: Jarell Thorpe
Location: East River State Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA

For Mariah Gibson, her secret yoga place will always be East River State Park in Brooklyn, New York. “I enjoy bringing my mat out here because it is always so peaceful and quiet with a spectacular view of lower Manhattan,” she tells OM. “Time seems to slow down when I am in this space. I get to see the beautiful city in front of me that symbolises growth and wealth. While behind me, in Brooklyn, there’s a lot of change and development happening. Two different boroughs with two different vibes. They both seem to humble me as I strive for greatness. East River State Park offers me a space to appreciate the beauty of the hustle and bustle of NYC but at my own time, and allows me to focus on my breath.”

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