Moonology made easy

Moonology made easy

Discover the beauty of working with the moon and create a personal toolbox to navigate its amazing energies. Part three of a three-part mini-series, by Olivia Hickman

The moon is one of the simplest energies we can start to work with, not because the moon energy itself is simple, but because we can clearly observe this ever-changing lunar power in the night sky each evening. Watching the moon ebb and flow throughout the month can act as a great indicator and remind us where our focus needs to be.

How can you work with the moon?
The moon’s power can be harnessed to attract, create and manifest positive things into your life, or you can use its peaceful energies to let go of all that no longer serves you. It is so beautiful to work with the moon and feel the support of the universe.

The moon is split into eight phases but to keep things simple we will be focusing on the four quarters, looking at what energy the moon represents in each phase and how the astrology signs affect the purpose of that moon phase. For example, a New Moon in Scorpio will be inviting us to explore different aspects of ourselves to a New Moon in Cancer.

This month, the third tool to support you in this process is how to spot the signs that the universe may send you and to recognise what they mean.

Spotting the signs
Whilst the moon shifts through its eight glorious phases, from the New Moon to the Full Moon, the universe may signal to you that it supports your process. It is important to learn how to spot these signs. These could be responses to your intentions, if your intention was a specific question. Alternatively, they could be trying to communicate something else.

Everyone has his or her own way of connecting with the universe. It may be noticing a white feather, watching a butterfly or spotting a rainbow. Many often perceive these signs as the universe attempting to communicate its support.

Be open to what the signs could be, they can take many forms. For example, if you asked a question about whether or not you should embark on a new quest or take a new job, you may spot a slogan on an item of clothing ‘Just Do It’ or perhaps notice a certain song on the radio with lyrics that give you a message.

Some people also notice synchronicities. Do you keep seeing something over and over again? Often, when people are just starting to connect to the universe, they have been known to see 111 or other repeating numbers everywhere they go. Try not to overthink it, just see what arises.

Connect with your inner knowing
This is a great way to decipher the signs. Simple meditation can help greatly in this area. Find a comfortable seated position in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Start by focusing on your breath and how it feels in your body. Invite the breath to slow down and when you are ready to connect, bring your awareness to the signs you have observed. Choose one at a time and then wait.

Everyone is different. For some, they may see something in their mind’s eye, others may experience a strong feeling, an inner voice or resounding thought can be perceived. The most important thing is to be open and try not to shut yourself down before you have fully received the message.

Moonology made easy

New Moon in Aries
12th April 2021
Aries is the first fire sign in the zodiac, and this fiery, motivational moon will help you to realise your potential and reach your goals.

Practice the connection exercise on the next page to delve deeper into what you want to achieve. This new moon embraces the spirit of Aries, bringing a true sense of enthusiasm into your heart. Allow this to wash over you and feel its energies from deep within.

Once you have the clarity and ambition you need, this moon phase provides the perfect opportunity to fire up and take action towards achieving your heart’s desire.

Moon Time Tip:
Take time to meditate and connect with your truth. Notice how your heart feels when you bring up an idea - does it tighten and close or open and expand? We hold all the answers we need within us.

Asana: Warrior (Virabhadrasana)
Receive guidance from the universe and take action! Feel your inner strength, you’ve got this!

Moonology made easy

Waxing First Quarter
20st April 2021
Time to focus on aligning your energies, particularly where achievement is concerned. What projects have you been wishing you could put more energy into? What passions have become stagnant? Now is the time to get supercharged and take action to complete or start something with a BANG!

Moon Time Tip:
What gets you super excited? What do you want to contribute? If it feels draining, then this is not the project for you. The more you are enthused about something, the more it is likely to succeed, especially if the project is associated with your greater purpose.

Asana: Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)
Open your heart to all that is possible, live your passions, follow your dreams!

Moonology made easy
Moonology made easy
Moonology made easy

Full Moon in Scorpio
27th April 2021
This is a moon for change and transformation. The perfect moon to drive that Aries fire forward. This is your baptism of fire for deep change and self growth. Whether you are just starting to become aware of your journey or fully embracing it, try to stay in witness mode and have the courage to defy what is holding you back. Work with this supermoon to amplify your energy and find your highest potentials. Look to yourself with an open heart and stand tall in your truth.

Moon Time Tip:
Find time to cultivate your awareness. Be present with your thoughts and emotions. Simply become an observer of your thoughts, Be patient with yourself. Whatever comes your way, don’t hold it back. Experience it, then let it go.

Asana: Dancer (Natarajasana)
Be with your emotions, feel them, recognise them and then let them go. Rise above, lead with your heart.

Moonology made easy
Moonology made easy

Waning Last Quarter
3rd May 2021
If you have taken the hit of the Scorpio Full Moon and things have gotten too much you may need to take some time now to just be. You may be feeling empowered and unstoppable If you have mastered Warrior Pose and confronted your demons! Which ever way you feel is perfectly acceptable and should be welcomed. Listen to what you need at this time, what have the signs been calling you to do?

Moon Time Tip:
During this moon phase is always the best time to increase your self care. If you have taken a hit from the moon, be super kind to yourself. Alternatively if you have found your flow, remember to continue to build self-care into your schedule and not get too caught up in the impulse to do everything all at once.

Asana: Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)
Look inward. Take a moment to be with yourself.


Moonology made easy

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