Mel Love

Dedicated to self-care and movement, Mel Love will teach you to connect with your body, others and the world around you with ease and feel supported by a universal flow

What style of yoga do you teach?

Vinyasa and Yin

What made you take your first yoga class?

I was drawn to yoga from a very young age. I had a volatile childhood and yoga helped bring me peace. I was drawn to movement and spirituality for as long as I can remember.

How has yoga helped you grow as a person?

Yoga has been my stability over the years. It has given me a focus and something to turn to when I’ve needed to get through some very difficult times. It has helped me to navigate difficult situations in a more healthy way rather than turning to things that do not sustain me. Yoga nourishes me.


What things are you most grateful for?

Quite simply, I am grateful for life. It wasn’t always that way. I am grateful for each day that I get to practice living.

How do you stay motivated?

I am dedicated to taking care of myself. I made myself a promise many years ago that I will never leave myself again. That I will stay connected to my body and honour my intuition. It is easy to stay motivated when you can see the rewards of the practice of self-care.


How do you practice yoga off the mat?

I practice slowing things down. Observing my breath, the quality of my hands (touch) on the things around me and I pause as often as I can to notice my environment and take it all in. I notice my feet on the ground or my sitting bones on the chair. I sense myself in the space around me. I breathe into each moment just like on the mat.

What else are you passionate about?

I also offer sound healing and enjoy playing alchemy crystal singing bowls for people. I am also blessed to have two wonderful children and I am very passionate about them.

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