Plank Pose (Phalakasana or Kumbhakasana


• Strengthens the core by working all four muscle groups in the stomach.
• Helps the lower back by placing more reliance on the abdomen.
• Strengthens spine and aids better posture as body naturally aligns.
• Good for joint and bone health with weight-bearing but no impact.


• If you have an injury in the wrists.
• If you have osteoporosis to reduce risk of fractures.
• Avoid straining by holding for too long if you are new to this pose.


• Don’t let your hips drop: keep them up or you won’t work the core.

• Keep your legs tight: you can lift the legs to deepen the pose (that’s why my left toes are off the ground).
• Don’t drop your head: keep it in line with the rest of the spine.
• Don’t angle fingers inward: have the fingers turned out.


• Feel your strength build with regular practice.
• Learn endurance and resilience as you are able to hold for longer.
• Focus on your breath as you build up the time you spend here.

Stephen Marks is an international yoga and meditation teacher based in Lisbon. Find him at: or on Instagram @stephenmarksyoga

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