Couple's Valentine's cacao ceremony

Ceremonial grade cacao is the ultimate heart opener: there's no better way to share Valentine's Day than with a couples' cacao ceremony to deepen your connection to each other. By Liam Browne

Cacao is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and is revered for its sensual and creative properties by all those who indulge.

With its heart-opening effect (and providing enhanced blood flow to the sexy bits!), cacao is so much more powerful than conventional chocolate. It's the only food on the planet to contain the 'bliss' molecule, Anandamide, and is packed full of mood-enhancing nutrition.

Holding a cacao ceremony with your partner can facilitate a deeper heart-based connection with greater sensuality and sensitivity in your exploration of each other. Ceremonial grade cacao (the best of the best) clears the mind and opens the heart...increasing the heartbeat by an extra 10-15 beats per minute so that you are open, expansive and receptive.

A beautiful relationship isn't something that 'just happens', it's something that blossoms out of a commitment to show up and understand one another. This is done via deep listening and speaking to each other with love in your words and compassion in your heart.

Lady Cacao is asking you to have fun together, laugh every day and feel love in all moments. You deserve it!

First, put on some relaxing music, prepare your sacred space, somewhere you can fit facing each other in a tidy, clean and comfortable environment. Then, it's time to prepare your cacao. you can experiment by adding heart-opening tonics, such as rose water, find inspiration online to whet your appetite and instructions on how to make your cacao perfectly.


Cacao Ceremony

With your cacao ready, it's time to sit facing each other with a straight spine ready to commence your ceremony. Hold the cacao close to your hearts, close your eyes and breathe together. Let go of all your plans and lists, and simply 'be here now'...nothing else exists right now other than upgrading your relationship and connection.

Next, call in the spirit of Lady Cacao and Aphrodite to open your hearts fully, and to any other guides, gurus or angels you want with you. Take a breath and say together: "I am grateful that my partner is here, willing to speak with love and listen with compassion."

Feel the energy and stillness and then take another breath saying: "I am grateful that cacao and the Mother Earth are here to help open our hearts and create solid roots in our relationship."

Feel the energy and stillness and then take a final breath saying: "I am grateful that I am here, willing to speak from the heart and feel all my blessings."

Lift your cacao over your head and say: "Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. Aho!"

Slowly, and sensually, allow the fragrance of the cacao to penetrate your nostrils, breathing it in deeply, beginning to notice all the sensations in and around your body.

Now begin to drink the cacao. Feel the first sip going into your heart and opening it fully.

Start to take turns to tell each other what you are grateful for; all the little things your partner does that bring you joy, support and pleasure.

When you have finished the cacao and gratitude sharing, hold hands and close your eyes. Allow your energies to connect and place your hand over your partner's heart.

Then it is time for some eye gazing, melting into each other's souls. Do this for a minimum of two minutes and, when it's done, hold each other and naturally allow the ceremony to unfold.

Read passages of poetry to each other, play songs that deepen your connect and expand the feeling of love. Be open and receptive to the magic and allow that cacao feeling to run through your bodies.

When you feel like the ceremony is over and you have connected on that deeper level, it is important to close proceedings. Give thanks to Lady Cacao again, and to each other for taking this time. Take a deep breath together, hold each other once again, and commit to making sacred time for each other more often. This love is within and all around you always; allow it to blossom daily.


Liam Browne is the founder of Full Power Cacao ( For more cacao recipe ideas, visit


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