Love at first spike

A revolution in pain relief and sleep induction

Acupressure is an ancient method of massage, practiced throughout Asia and now across the world. When pressure is applied to the muscles, endorphins, neuro-chemicals that act as the body’s natural pain inhibitors, are released while the stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced. The effect of an increase in circulation results in muscle relaxation, thus reducing pain and stiffness in the body.

Induction of deep sleep

Relaxing just before sleep is key to achieve deeper sleep. Deeper sleep is also essential for the release of the beneficial growth hormone. Benefits of adequate growth hormone in adults are both physiologically and psychologically essential for creating a vibrant energy level and strength.
“Using an acupressure mat helps to increase your parasympathetic nervous system and get you into deep relaxation before sleep.” — New York Times best-selling author MD Mark Hyman ‘Eat Fat, Get Thin’, published February 2016.

Natural pain relief

Enhance your yoga and meditation practice

Today 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain. Acupressure massage mats are on the rise among practitioners of integrative and functional medicine as an effective solution to this epidemic.
“The little spikes stimulate your body’s pressure points, releasing endorphins and reducing stress.”— Dr. Oz in episode ‘The Best Advice Ever’ 2012

An acupressure mat is an amazing tool for your yoga practice. Laying on the mat for 5-10 minutes before the start of your practice can reset your attention to mindfulness mode increasing concentration and a balanced state of mind. Ending with Savasana or Corpse pose on the acupressure massage mat deepens relaxation and the flow of energy throughout the body.


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