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Light fantastic

Light therapy has long been known to affect our moods and emotions. A new high-tech solution, Lucia No3 – the Lucid Light Experience, takes this to a whole new level

Life seems to be speeding up. Whether due to a more ‘quantum’ reality or the potential for elevated human consciousness expressing – there’s a lot happening right now throughout the world.

In this sometimes frantic rush of life the need to quickly switch off and reset one’s natural balance point is crucial.

So how can you switch off and instantly relieve stress whilst also rejuvenating and recharging all at once in potentially as little as 30 minutes?

Lucia No3 – the Lucid Light Experience – provides an effortless, high-tech solution to this quandary.

Invented by Dr Dirk Proekl (a neurologist) and Dr Engelbert Winkler (a psychologist) as a portal to greater consciousness experiences through the Journey into Light, the Lucia No3 is a computer-controlled lamp system that utilises constant and pulsed light stimuli on the brain and subsequently on the consciousness.

The resulting hypnagogic state, the state between sleep and wakefulness, is comparable to that of deep meditation.

“Lucia No3 is a high-tech instrument that, due to its light rhythms, can initiate electrical activities in the brain which lead to a reorientation in the functional network of neurons. The ‘Bidirectional Neurofeedback Method’ reflects the brain activity in the eye of the beholder and so he/she learns to take influence on it. This measurable synchronization of brainwaves gives access to creative, healthful and even spiritual experiences.” (See reference 1)

With the great success achieved in helping clients de-stress and rebalance in their respective clinical practices Proekl and Winkler took Lucia No3 to Tibet in 2010 to evaluate it further. It was tested by Tibetans skilled in meditation and Tibetan dream yoga practice, who verified its effectiveness to provide access to meditative and transcendental states of consciousness.

Lucia No3

The important role of brainwave coherence in optimising one’s mental state, as well as for relaxation and stimulation of the healing processes within the body, is well known by science.

EEG brainwave scans of users on the Lucia No3 show states of coherence being achieved leading to sessions providing a vast plethora of benefits from de-stress to relief from burn-out, increased clarity and creativity, as well as expanded states of consciousness and transformational experiences.

Tranquil Retreats have been operating Lucia No3 in London, Essex, Cambridge and East Hertfordshire since 2011. The variety of people who have tried the Lucia No3 experience and the vast range of experiences that they have had is quite staggering.

Time can dissipate on a Lucia No3 experience – sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting and even disappearing altogether.

“Consciousness expansion, deep relaxation, spiritual awareness, third eye activation, experiencing beyond time, space and physical reality…all can be effortlessly accessed with the assistance of Lucia No 3, in a Lucid Light Experience.” (See reference 2)

Yogis – both yoga teachers and students – who have tried the Lucia No3 also report wonderful experiences, with many experiencing prana energy moving in their chakras and having experiences of blissful states.

With the release of the Lucia No3 home portal in 2019, the new offering of dual consciousness experiences became available. This allows two people to have exactly the same Lucia No3 session on two different machines at the same time, allowing for a new depth to the Lucid Light experience.

There are now accounts of group energy field experiences as well as joint lucid dreaming, meditative and near death experiences.

The dual Lucia No3 experience has become popular with couples, families and friends. Having exactly the same light stimuli combined with the known body-mind-energy shared field of one you know well is fertile ground for a shared consciousness experience.

Try it yourself

Lucia No3 sessions are offered as 30 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins for both individual and dual session experiences. Tranquil Retreats also offers bespoke sessions tailored to your individual needs as well as half and full day private hire to clients and at corporate events. Lucia No3 gift vouchers are also available for gifting.


What people are saying
Here’s what some people said about the Lucia No3 experience:
“One of the most amazing experiences of my life, really interesting and relaxing. I felt very happy, relaxed and at one. I saw so many different shapes, stars, people, and spaceships.” WC

“Peaceful, beautiful, timeless – soothing. No experience of time, no body, just mind/ me.” GL

“Amazing, comforting, relaxing, felt refreshed and at peace after the experience. Experienced deep trance-like state of mind. Whole body relaxed, left feeling revitalised and refreshed.” CG

Lucia No3

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