Life’s good when you’re upside down

New study identifies benefits of inversions through aerial yoga 

People around the world have turned to the circus swings of aerial yoga to make advanced yoga poses more attainable. But are they getting all the benefits of a
good workout?
A new study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) shows that aerial yoga delivers great cardio and other benefits.
“Even though aerial yoga does not include traditional cardio exercises, a single session of aerial yoga offered participants many of the benefits of a moderate-intensity exercise like jogging or swimming,” said ACE chief science officer Cedric X. Bryant. “After the six week programme, participants displayed significantly lowered risk for cardiovascular heart disease.”
In fact, it said the six week programme – with participants doing aerial yoga three times per week during the study – lowered risk of heart disease by 10%.
And the independent study also identified surprising health benefits from just a single session, as well as the longer six-week programme. After just one 50-minute class, participants burned 320 caloriesand showed similar health benefits to a session of Zumba, the ACE study revealed.
Of course, it’s not suitable for everyone. For individuals with high blood pressure, cataracts, or are pregnant, or anyone for whom hanging upside-down could cause medical complications or discomfort, consulting a medical professional is essential.
But for others, the study indicates that aerial yoga offers people an effective option for achieving enhanced health and wellness.
“The more forms of exercise we can validate through research, the better the chances that people can find an effective form of exercise they enjoy, which improves adherence and leads to improved overall health,” added Bryant.

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