Switch off

Just switch off

Switching off your mind is easier said than done, right? Here are four simple techniques to help you do just that. By Neil Seligman

1. Mirror Mindfulness

Each time you catch your reflection today use it as a prompt to check in with yourself. Feel your feet on the floor and take a deep mindful breath. Inhale fully, exhale completely. Simple.


If the proverbial hits the fan today, try practicing STOP, a pocket practice taught on mindfulness-based stress reduction courses to help you regain clarity and calm before deciding how to act.
Stop and pause. Ground yourself for a moment. Feel gravity pushing you into your seat or stance.
Take a conscious breath and bring both palms together holding your hands in a gentle clasp. Feel the warmth and energy of your body.
Open: widen the focus of your awareness by observing non-judgmentally what is happening internally and externally. Is there a new opportunity presenting itself?

3. Gratitude Practice

At the end of the day make a list of three things that you are grateful for. Repeat daily.
(Scientifically proven to improve relationships, mental and physical health, empathy, self-esteem, and overall resilience).

4. Bedtime Meditation

Before bed, gift yourself a screen-free chill-down by trying this simple mindfulness practice:
Take a seat and drop into the quiet moments, allowing yourself to sense a pause. Reflect on a small or large moment of happiness from the day and allow the feelings to return and be felt in the body.
Take five breaths bringing to mind the details of the experience: where you were, who you were with, what you were doing.
As you feel the sensations of happiness in the body, imagine those feelings increasing, and becoming brighter.
Finally, as you visualise tomorrow with optimism, set an intention for how you will move through the coming days.

Neil Seligman is a mindfulness teacher, author and speaker (neilseligman.com)

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